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  • Android users should not install these 104 apps from the Google Play Store

    Android users should not install these 104 apps from the Google Play Store
    This year it seems as though we have been giving you a list of Android apps to uninstall quite often. These are apps that look to steal your personal data, click on hidden ads, take over control of your phone and more. Any way that a buck can be made, bad actors will find a way to do it by getting you to install a malicious app. According to security firm White Ops (via Forbes), there is a list of 104 Android apps that should not be installed on an Android device. If they are already installed, they should be uninstalled immediately. And there is a chance that you might have one of these on your phone; after all, in aggregate, these titles have been loaded more than 4.6 million times.

    White Ops says that these apps use two different codes called "Soraka" and "Sogo" that will show full-display ads on an Android phone. The ads help the bad actors earn money and to keep the gravy train going, they are capable of hiding from anti-malware software (more on that later). John Laycock of White Ops notes, "Those hiding behaviors are significant. The fraudsters are getting smarter—they know this is now an arms race, they’re trying to slow down analysis with these tactics. We’re seeing these types of behaviors more and more."

    Once again the Comments section can help you find red flags

    An app named "Best Fortune Explorer" is listed in the Google Play Store and the listing hints that the app can tell the future. "Do you want to know when your true love will come? Do you want to know how your family goes in the future? Do you want to know if you will be given a promotion and an increase in salary in the future?" The app is for entertainment purposes only, but a quick scan of the comments section can save you from installing malware on your phone. In the case of "Best Fortune Explorer," one user raised a red flag by writing, "The main problem is that you will get non stop ads—it’s like a virus." Another comment warns (in broken English), "Don't download it. You will just time pass. And main problem after download is you will get non stop ads and ads. Even you cannot get to use anything. And also there is nothing like shown in ads. It is like a virus." Four comments in a row were complaints about the number of ads served up by the app. That right there is the perfect warning.

    Now here's the thing. As mentioned earlier, these bad actors are figuring out how to avoid detection. The 104 malware-infected apps will only show ads if someone installed one of them through a promotion inviting the user to install it. This is a smart move on the part of the bad guys because it helps the apps escape detection by automated systems. The latter will install an app and then check it out for any bad behaviors. But if these bad behaviors only surface if the app was installed through an invite, it makes it hard for researchers to discover them.

    Check your installed apps looking for the following 104 titles. If you have any of these on your handset, delete it immediately. And do not install any of the 104 apps on your Android device:

    1. com.daily.wonderfull.moment
    2. com.dailycostmaster.android
    3. com.dangerous.writing.note
    4. com.data.securite.data
    5. com.days.daysmatter365.android
    6. com.days.remind.calendar
    7. com.detector.noise.tool
    8. com.dodge.emoji.game
    9. com.dog.bark.picture.puzzle
    10. com.drink.water.remind.you
    11. com.ezzz.fan.sleep.noise
    12. com.fake.call.girlfriend.prank2019
    13. com.fakecaller.android
    14. com.fake.caller.plus
    15. com.false.location
    16. com.fancy.lovetest.android
    17. com.fast.code.scanner.nmd
    18. com.filemanagerkilopro.android
    19. com.filemanagerupro.android
    20. com.filemanageryo.android
    21. com.filemanagerzeropro.android
    22. com.find.difference.detective.little
    23. com.find.you.lover.test
    24. com.frame.easy.phone
    25. com.frank.video.call.lite
    26. com.free.code.scanner.nmd
    27. com.free.lucky.prediction.test
    28. com.funny.lie.truth.detector
    29. com.funny.word.game.english
    30. com.game.color.hunter
    31. com.ice.survival.berg
    32. com.idays.dayscounter.android
    33. com.important.days.matter
    34. com.instanomo.android
    35. com.isleep.cycleclock.android
    36. com.led.color.light.rolling
    37. com.lite.fake.gps.location
    38. com.lovetest.plus.android
    39. com.love.yourself.women
    40. com.lucky.charm.text
    41. com.lucky.destiny.teller
    42. com.magnifying.glass.tool
    43. com.math.braingame.puzzle.riddle
    44. com.math.iq.puzzle.riddle.braingame
    45. com.math.puzzles.riddle.braingame
    46. com.multiple.scanner.plus.nmd
    47. com.my.big.days.counter
    48. com.my.constellation.love.work
    49. com.my.pocker.mobile.mirror
    50. com.nanny.tool.data
    51. com.nice.mobile.mirror.hd
    52. com.nomophotoeditor.android
    53. com.non.stop.writing
    54. com.phone.lite.frame
    55. com.phone.mirror.pro
    56. com.pocker.pro.mobile.mirror
    57. com.prank.call.fake.ring
    58. com.phonecallmaker.android
    59. com.pro.test.noise
    60. com.puzzle.cute.dog.android
    61. com.scan.code.tool
    62. com.simple.days.counter
    63. com.sleep.comfortable.sounds
    64. com.sleep.in.rain
    65. com.sleepassistantool.android
    66. com.sleeptimer.android
    67. com.smart.scanner.master.nmd
    68. com.test.find.your.love
    69. com.test.fortune.tester
    70. com.test.lover.match
    71. com.tiny.scanner.tool.nmd
    72. com.wmmaster.android
    73. com.word.fun.level.english
    74. good.lucky.is.coming.hh
    75. mobi.clock.android
    76. my.lucky.goddness.today.test
    77. newest.android.fake.location.changer
    78. nmd.andriod.better.calculator.plus
    79. nmd.andriod.mobile.calculator.master
    80. nmd.android.best.fortune.explorer
    81. nmd.android.better.fortune.signs
    82. nmd.android.clam.white.noise
    83. nmd.android.fake.incoming.call
    84. nmd.android.good.luck.everyday
    85. nmd.android.location.faker.master
    86. nmd.android.multiple.fortune.test
    87. nmd.android.scanner.master.plus
    88. nmd.android.test.what.suitable
    89. photo.editor.pro.magic
    90. pic.art.photo.studio.picture
    91. relax.ezzz.sleep.cradle
    92. super.lucky.magican.newest
    93. test.you.romantic.quize
    94. well.sleep.guard.relax
    95. your.best.lucky.master.test.new
    96. com.ssdk.test
    97. bedtime.reminder.lite.sleep
    98. com.frank.video.call.lite.pro.prank
    99. com.personal.fortune.text
    100. com.daily.best.suit.you
    101. com.false.call.trick
    102. magicball.funnyapp.useful.crystal
    103. yourdestinypredict.yourlifetest.amazingma gic
    Consider this to be another reminder that you can save yourself time, effort and frustration by checking the comment section on any app you install from an unknown developer.



    1. saif2711

    Posts: 113; Member since: Feb 22, 2016

    Using android phones since 2012, haven't even seen any of these apps in my whole android career.

    2. ResoluteCustoms

    Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 06, 2019

    Most of these sound like scams anyway. Who really installs the fake call things?

    5. Tsepz_GP

    Posts: 1211; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

    To get out of a bad date? lol, I can see why some of these apps were downloaded

    3. cmdacos

    Posts: 4367; Member since: Nov 01, 2016

    You download crap like this, you deserve what you get.

    6. Tsepz_GP

    Posts: 1211; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

    Shucks , that’s quite a list.

    7. darkkjedii

    Posts: 31736; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

    Thanx PA. Thumbs up.

    10. haydenb

    Posts: 143; Member since: Nov 24, 2011

    Haven't downloaded a single one of those

    11. pktong

    Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 28, 2019

    Today, hacking is a common problem in the cyber-world. I highly appreciate to published these BLACKLISTED apps. Thanks~ Mark Williams from application security testing
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